Month: October 2012

  • Presentation, Article and Notes in one run using Beamer

    Still using Powerpoint for your presentation? Consider using LaTeX with the Beamer package.
    Tom Rutherford taught me how to build an efficient stream for a presentation or lecture:
    1. generate the presentation with beamer,
    2. generate the presentation as an article and
    3. clean up all the stuff
    All this in one batch file. The presentation is projected on the big screen and the article is used for preparation and for notes, I use during my prepartation (I have a printout of the article next to my laptop during the presentation)
    The batch (build.bat) file looks like this:
    @echo off
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  • Disable the insert key

    I just got my new Lenovo notebook (T430s). Compared with the previous version of this laptop, one important change is the keyboard. Lenovo now favors the chiclet or island style “Precision” keyboard. No page up and down in the upper right corner and the delete key in the upper most right corner next to the insert key.
    I never use the insert key and often hit it accidentally.
    I looked for ways to disable the insert-key (I can’t remember I have ever used it in the past years). I found the following (taken from ):
    Almost anyone
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  • Microsoft Office language packs for free

    I have a German version of Office 2010 professional, but often, I wish I had the English version. If I am reading a book on Excel Pivot Tables in English it is not difficult, but a nuisance, to find the correct commands in the German version. Sometimes, I teach in English somewhere abroad, and then it also would be nice to have English commands in Excel, Word, etc. Or if I show something to a collegue, who has the English version installed, it is nice to use the same version.
    Microsoft sells language packs (they are not expensive), but
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  • Outlining in Gams-Mode: Org-Mode for Gams

    The new version of Gams-mode has a new feature that I like very much. It allows you to use an outline-mode in your gams files. It is called org-mode, which is a major mode in Emacs.
    You can outline your Gams file using sections, subsections, etc. You define sections using the following notation:
    or for subsections
           *@@, *@@@, etc.
    Let us have a look at the file org-minor-mode.gms. This file can be found in your gams-mode directory. This file contains all the help for gams-mode. All the help
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  • Todo’s from Everywhere

    I use Emacs for taking notes and project management using Remember-Mode and Org-Mode (see my blog entries Capturing and More. However, if I am working in Excel or reading a pdf , More and I want to make a note or I suddenly have a thought about a feature that I want to add to my model, I have to jump to Emacs,hit some keys, enter the note or the task and navigate back to the program I was working in.
    Not much of a hassle, but inefficient as it really interrupts my work flow too much.
    No problem,
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