Month: March 2014

  • Automating writing LaTeX papers even further

    In an earlier post I wrote on how to use R to produce all kind of figures and tables for a LaTeX paper. This time, I will show, how to automate this process even more.

    My work flow consists of a batch file, that runs my model, sends the results to R, produces my tables and figures and sends these to my paper: If I change my model, I just have to run this batch file, and the results in my paper are automatically adjusted. One smaller problem is that I often write in my text on a specific value … Read the rest “Automating writing LaTeX papers even further”

  • Removing extra blank lines in Emacs

    If you want to get rid of extra blank lines in your text files, you can use the search and replace commands with regular expressions. However, for whatever reason, this does not work properly on my Windows machine.

    Fortunately, I found a nice function definition at stackoverflow which does the job:

    Read the rest “Removing extra blank lines in Emacs”

  • Get rid of tabs in Emacs

    If you work with other on text files, you often run into the problem that one of the programmers is using tabs set to 4, another to 8 spaces. For this reason, I always save my files without tabs. In Emacs there is a command to do this “untabify-buffer”, but I usually forget to do this.

    Searching the internet I found the following code at, to do it automatically as soon as you save the file.

    Read the rest “Get rid of tabs in Emacs”


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