OrgMode on my iPhone: MobileOrg and Dropbox

In one of my last year posts I wrote about using Org-Mode for organizing your projects and your notes/todo’s with links to your files. I am now using org-mode for lots of things but especially for my todo’s. Now this works fine if my notebook is up and running, but sometimes I want to have a look at those org-files without firing up my notebook. I use an iPhone and Richard Moreland developed a nice app (see that works together with dropbox (
It has some nice features:
  • Support for Dropbox or WebDAV as a transfer mechanism
  • Org files are stored offline and available anywhere
  • Complete editing support, including editable headings, body text, todo state, tags and priority.
  • Note-taking facility built in, including offline support
  • Full-text search, or search by keyword (TODO, DONE, WAITING) or by tag (errand, office)
  • Mark nodes as done, or flag them with an optional note for reference later
  • Document view of your outlines, for reading document-style Org files with long body text
  • Powerful support for linking between Org files

Here are some printscreens from my iPhone (by the way: printscreens can be produced by pushing the on/off and home button at the same time).
IMG_0045.PNG (320x480 pixels)IMG_0046.PNG (320x480 pixels)
IMG_0047.PNG (320x480 pixels)IMG_0048.PNG (320x480 pixels)