Month: March 2012

  • Bibliography with abstracts in LaTeX

    If you ever have written a scientific paper, you probably know how hard it is to remember what was in the papers you cited. Usually you cite them once and forget about them, but if you want to discuss your paper with other scientist, it would be nice to have at least an idea of what you exactly cited.
    In LaTeX you have a nice way of producing a bibliography with abstracts. It is quite easy. You only have to use biblatex, an improved bibtex. Information on biblatex can be found at the CTAN repository (just google it). There are
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  • Using Gams, R and LaTeX I

    Wow, I just discovered how easy it is to produce nice LaTeX tables from your Gams results. Usually I capture my model results in some parameters that are exported (using gdx or gdxxrw) to excel. Then I make my tables in Excel and use an excel add-in to export the table to LaTeX (I have written about this add-in in this blog). This works fine, but is tedious because as soon as my results are in excel, I can’t do things automatically and have to click my way to get my LaTeX tables.
    Today, I was working on the parking
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  • Biblatex and folder contents

    I was looking for a way to make nice index for my folders using LaTeX. I usually have lots of papers saved in a folder and I was looking for a way to use my paper references stored in JabRef (an open source bibliography reference manager which integrates neatly with AucTexi in Emacs, see The problem is that I want to have the title of the author, year and the title of the paper (who remembers something like Arrow 1955?), so I looked for a way to print the paper titles. BibTex and all the citation packages don’t
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