Month: November 2012

  • Scripts for automating commits and updates with Subversion

    Version control is good, but there are two possible pitfalls for me:
    1. In the morning, it can happen that I start working without updating my project. If this is a project I worked on, on  another computer the day before, as soon as I want to commit the new changes, I will have to merge all the changes in one file. Not a big issue, but unnessary work.
    2. Before I leave the office, I unfortunately often forget to commit.
    I wrote a commit batch file that runs every two hours,  but the problem was that I manually had to
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  • Integrating Emacs in your file explorer

    Sometimes I have files that I want to open with Emacs, but I haven’t set the program to open to Emacs (for example, a log-file or .emacs). I found a nice hack for Windows machines in the internet (
    Just create a file emacs.reg with the following text and adjust the path to your settings.
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\Shell\Open In Emacs\Command]
    @=”\”C:\\bin\\Emacs-23.1\\bin\\emacsclientw.exe\” -a \”C:\\bin\\Emacs-23.1\\bin\\runemacs.exe\” \”%1\””
    Before you double click on this file, save your registry (you never know…). After double clicking you will have a extra option in your right-click menu in your explorer, which
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  • Using more than one Dropbox folder using Dropboxifier

    Dropbox is a nice tool for synchronizing files over different computers. One problem is that you have to put your files in the Dropbox folder. I often make small changes to my settings in Emacs, so I used to have my home directory for Emacs in my Dropbox folder.
    You can choose where to put your Dropbox folder on your machine, however, you can only have one Dropbox folder. What to do, if you want to synchronize your whole Emacs program directory (or any other directory you don’t want to move to your Dropbox folder)?
    There is a nice open
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  • Filtering views and other nice features of my explorer replacement

    Windows Explorer is good, but it does not have many features that makes my computer life easier. One thing I don’t like is that you can’t filter your view in an efficient way. Take for example this directory with my LaTeX files for one of my lectures:
    If I want to open one of my tex-files, I have to search for it, or sort the folder. Directory Opus (DOpus), my windows explorer replacement, handles this very nicely.  Here is the same folder using DOpus:
    Now, that is a difference! I have a global filter, that hides
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