Month: October 2014

  • Using Org-mode to keep track of your project files

    For every project I work on I have a org-file. Every file has the following structure:

    • Tasks
    • Repeat
    • Wait
    • Notes
    • Calls
    • Reading

    I use remember-mode to capture tasks, notes and calls. Under the heading “Repeat” are tasks that are repeated on a regularly base. Under “Wait” are reminders for things I wait for (like a reply on an e-mail, an order, a call, etc.). These waits are also captured using org-remember (I have written about that in an earlier post). Under the heading “Reading” I have links to papers I am currently reading (using Bibtex; see an earlier post on … Read the rest “Using Org-mode to keep track of your project files”

  • Following up on Outlook E-Mails in Org-Mode

    The combination of Org-Mode and Remember-Mode helps me to organize my projects. One special task category is “WAIT”, if I have to wait for some input from somebody else or waiting for a delivery to arrive. An example is ordering a book at Amazon. As soon as I make the order, I generate a “WAIT” which would look like this

    ** WAIT [#C] [2014-09-16 Tu] Book on Modeling by Morgan

    In this case, I ordered the book on September 9th and it has not a high priority. Once a week I check this category in a customized agenda view which … Read the rest “Following up on Outlook E-Mails in Org-Mode”


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