• Following up on Outlook E-Mails in Org-Mode

    The combination of Org-Mode and Remember-Mode helps me to organize my projects. One special task category is “WAIT”, if I have to wait for some input from somebody else or waiting for a delivery to arrive. An example is ordering a book at Amazon. As soon as I make the order, I generate a “WAIT” which would look like this

    ** WAIT [#C] [2014-09-16 Tu] Book on Modeling by Morgan

    In this case, I ordered the book on September 9th and it has not a high priority. Once a week I check this category in a customized agenda view which … Read the rest “Following up on Outlook E-Mails in Org-Mode”

  • Using Preview for LaTeX documents in Emacs

    Editing LaTeX documents with lots of equations can be sometimes hard if you want to refer to the equations in the text. You can use, if you have a big monitor, put the compiled file to the right of your editor, but on a notebook this is not a good option. If you use AucTex in Emacs, you can use the preview mode.


    Here is the text without preview in Emacs And here it is with preview.


    You can set the display options in the Option Group “AucTex” under “Preview Appearance”. One more thing: I always compile to pdf (not … Read the rest “Using Preview for LaTeX documents in Emacs”

  • Removing extra blank lines in Emacs

    If you want to get rid of extra blank lines in your text files, you can use the search and replace commands with regular expressions. However, for whatever reason, this does not work properly on my Windows machine.

    Fortunately, I found a nice function definition at stackoverflow which does the job:

    Read the rest “Removing extra blank lines in Emacs”

  • Get rid of tabs in Emacs

    If you work with other on text files, you often run into the problem that one of the programmers is using tabs set to 4, another to 8 spaces. For this reason, I always save my files without tabs. In Emacs there is a command to do this “untabify-buffer”, but I usually forget to do this.

    Searching the internet I found the following code at stackoverflow.com, to do it automatically as soon as you save the file.

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