Fighting chaos: Collections

If you work on multiple projects you might have problems remembering the names of the files you are working on. Was the LaTeX file in the subdirectory “Documentation” or in “Notes”? Was the name “model.tex” or “logit.tex”? Was it “bench.gms” or “benchrd.gms” or “bench1.gms”? I loose often time searching my directories for the file I want to work on and, unfortunately enough, I am not that systematic in naming and filing my files.

I tried to solve this by keeping a list in a note, creating links, and so on, but nothing seemed to work (or I was not consistent enough). Now I use my Windows Explorer replacement Directory Opus (it costs 49-89 Australian dollar and is worth every cent; multiply it by 0.7 to get US dollar). In Dopus you can save links to files in collections. So every time, I choose a new file I will work on, I send it (by right-clicking on the file) to the collection of the actual project. Additionally, I defined a view in Dopus showing the files grouped according to their extension.

Now, I just open the project collection and see all my actual files.No searching anymore.