Matrix inversion in Excel

Even the newest version of Excel has a limit on taking the inverse of a matrix. The maximum size is 52×52 (don’t ask me why this limit exists). What you get if you use minverse(your matrix) for a big matrix is this:


Fortunately, there is a nice add-in programmed in C that does the trick. It was developed for Excel 2007 and earlier but it works fine in the newest version (2013).

You can download it from and it works like the inverse function in excel. Instead of minverse(….) you use minverse.ext(…).

PS. If you want to take the inverse of a matrix in excel, you mark the region, where the inverse should appear and then enter minverse(your matrix) and hit Ctrl-Shift-Enter (like for all array-operations in Excel).


and after hitting Ctrl-Shift-Enter you get this: