More on project management with Org

In one of my posts I talked about org-mode and how I use remember to organize my tasks, calls, etc. For every project I have such an org-file. I now added a file with all my projects for my different jobs. Here you see my projects for Ecoplan:
The project entry in this list is linked to my org-file for that project. In Emacs you can add a link by hitting C-u C-c C-l. It asks you for the path to the file and a description. The advantage of this file is that I now have an overview of my active projects and can quickly jump back and forth to organize my day.
Another thing I added in my org-files for a specific project is a list with file names. Because I work on a lot of projects I usually forget after a few days the content of my files. Below you see my active files for the project P-EVE. I used Org to make a table and quickly add every new file I work on with a short description. Of course: the file name in the table is linked to the file itself.

3 thoughts on “More on project management with Org

  1. Hi,

    Very nice and interesting article. Thanks for sharing that.

    I liked the way you deal with your files of project. That table with a list of files in the project is really useful. If you don’t mind, could you give a explanation how to do that? I mean all steps. Do you use fstree?

    Best Regards
    Leandro Fernandes

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