Version 3.5 of Gams-mode released

There is a new version of Gams-mode for Emacs (Release 3.5). >When I install a new version on my Windows machine, I usually rename the old Gams-mode directory (on my computer this is ‘C:\Program Files\Emacs\site-lisp\gams’ in ‘C:\Program Files\Emacs\site-lisp\gamsOld’ and put the downloaded Gams-mode files in a directory with the original name (C:\Program Files\Emacs\site-lisp\gams). This way I can check if the new version runs without problems (all settings are preserved) and go back to the old version if there are any problems (just by renaming the directories again). The new version has a great feature for aligning blocks in Gams code.
Changes are:
  • new function gams-align-block' (C-cC-y). By this command, you can align table and other blocks in GAMS code. See Section "Align block" in gams-sample.gms for the details.
  • Changed default value of gams-statement-file’ from “~/.gams-statement” to “~/gams-statement.txt”.
  • Changed default value of `gams-template-file’ from “~/.gams-template” to “~/gams-template.txt”.
  • Minor changes to GAMS-TEMPLATE mode.

You can download it from Gams mode.