• Outline Mode in Gams-Mode for Emacs

    Let’s get to know the great things you can do with Gams-mode. In the previous post I showed how Gams-mode nicely colors your code, the syntax-highlighting. In this post we will look at the great way Gams-mode shows the results of your model run. This is done in the Gams-Outline mode.
    First run your model by hitting C-c C-s (C stands for Ctrl) or use the same command from the menu. Emacs will open a new window and you see how Gams solves your model. When Gams is finished you can hit F10 (or C-c C-v)  to show the listing
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  • Syntax Coloring in Gams-Mode

    I suppose you have installed emacs and gams-mode for emacs (if not see my preceding posts) and now are eager to start working on your model.
    Let us start simple and get a model from the Gams-library. If you started emacs you are not in gams-mode (you can check this by looking at the menu bar: there is no gams-entry). If you load a gams model (with the extension “gms”), Emacs automatically turns on gams-mode and the gams entry appears in the menu bar (blue arrow). The first thing you probably notice is the syntax coloring. The coloring you will
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  • Installing Gams-Mode for Emacs

    After installing Emacs (see my previous post), the next thing to do is install gams-mode. If you got Emacs running, installing gams-mode is not so difficult.
    First of all download gams-mode from Shiro Takeda’s website: You will find it here: gams-mode-download.
    Update: you can now directly install gams-mode from the package repository:
    • Alt-x and type ‘list-packages’
    • search for gams-mode
    • click on it and install.

    That’s all.

    The files are zipped and should be unzipped to a directory Emacs will find. I show you my settings (as usual, you can do it in another way).
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  • Installation of Emacs and Gams-Mode

    There are quite a few ways to install Emacs on your Windows machine. On Linux it is rather easy: just use for example on Ubuntu your package manager. For the Mac you can have a look at Aquamacs, a version of Emacs that complies with the Human Interface Guidelines. More information on Aquamacs can be found at
    On Windows it is a different story. Emacs is coming from the Unix world and on Windows installing asks for a little bit more knowledge of Windows basics. You can’t for example install an additional feature (like Gams-mode for Emacs) by just
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  • Emacs and Gams (and R and LaTeX and …)

    GAMS users probably spend most of their time editing their models. Just before project deadlines they may sit more than 8 hours a day in front of their computer hacking through their code. The choice of a good editor can therefore be crucial. After years of trying different editors I finally stuck (xxx) with the open-source editor Emacs.
    For those of you who want to stop reading because they heard about the disadvantages of Emacs (“It has a steep learning curve”, “It is more a program for hackers” or “You have to learn all kind of key bindings by heart”),
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