• Biblatex and folder contents

    I was looking for a way to make nice index for my folders using LaTeX. I usually have lots of papers saved in a folder and I was looking for a way to use my paper references stored in JabRef (an open source bibliography reference manager which integrates neatly with AucTexi in Emacs, see The problem is that I want to have the title of the author, year and the title of the paper (who remembers something like Arrow 1955?), so I looked for a way to print the paper titles. BibTex and all the citation packages don’t
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  • Compiling LaTeX files to pdf: a second try

    In a previous topic, I showed how to use a macro to kill your pdf-reader when you compile LaTeX files. Most pdf-readerss do not allow to refresh a pdf-file after compilation, so you have to close the file in the pdf-reader before compiling. My solution was to kill the pdf-reader completely. A reader of my blog wrote that you can use Sumatra, a free pdf-reader, which allows to refresh your pdf-file.
    I decided to give it a try, but I wanted to keep my normal pdf-reader for all other pdf-files, because it has lots of options like commenting etc. I
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  • Template Mode for Emacs

    If you write a lot of R-, Stata-, Gams and/or LaTeX-files templates can make your life more relaxed. Emacs doesn’t have a template system (well there is auto-insert, but I did not find enough information on how to use if for templates). I used to have some templates in a directory and usually I would start with them (and forget that I should save it under another name…). The disadvantage is that you have to jump around in the file to fill out the information you want to have at the top of the file (like project name, topic, file
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  • Killing an open instance of pdf viewer when compiling latex

    If there is one thing that is annoying when you us pdflatex in Emacs, it is the behavior of Adobe or another commercial product. If you haven’t closed the pdf-file, Emacs or better LaTeX will complain that the pdf-file is still open. I found some tricks in the internet, but I did not manage to implement them properly (you can for example use sumatrapdf, but I wanted to keep my original pdfreader on my computer).
    Finally, I decided to use my macro/script program winautomation ( I bought this program a few months ago after getting tired of the open
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  • Update of Gams-Tex

    Edson Valle sent me an update for Gams-Tex (see my blog from 28. Januari) where he showed how to add new keywords to the Gams-Tex file (here done for the MPSGE keywords):
    Just add the following lines to the gams theme file (theme_gams.tex) after the moreKeywords={
    It’ll become automatically case insensitive due to the options selected.