• Gams code in LaTeX documents

    Edson Valle recently wrote a style for the package listings from LaTeX. It allows you to format Gams code nicely in your LaTeX documents.
    Here is a small example taken from his post to the Gams mailing list:
    Scalar X /1/;
    Scalar Y;
    Y = 2*X;
    Display “This is the famous Y”, Y;
    In your LaTeX document this would look like:
    The only thing you have to do is write a file gams.tex with the style and include this file in your LaTeX document before \begin{document}.
    Information on the package Listings can be found here: listings
    The gams.tex file should
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  • Excel-Addin for converting Excel tables to LaTeX tables

    Although I am not a great fan of the Microsoft software, I have to admit that Excel is great. Sending tables from Excel to Word is easy but I work in LaTeX and then it can be time consuming. Fortunately there is a nice add-in for Excel that allows you to copy your Excel table to LaTeX. It is called Excel2LaTeX and developed by Joachim Marder and Andrew Hawryluk and can be downloaded from I tested it with Excel 2010 and it works fine.
    When you download the file Excel2LaTeX.xla you can either open it when you
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