Month: November 2010

  • Set the repository for R

    Every time you install a R package, you are asked which repository R should use.
    To set the repository and avoid having to specify this at every package install, create a file .Rprofile in your home directory with the following text:
           myrepo = getOption(“repos”)
           myrepo[“CRAN”] = “
           options(repos = myrepo)

  • Using the Gams Manuals in Gams-Mode

    You can call the help and solver files from within Gams.mode hitting C-c Enter. Be sure that the directory for the help files is properly set (choose Customize Gams mode for Emacs from the Gams menu) and search for the following entry in the buffer:
    If you hit enter, the gams manual is shown in your PDF viewer, but you can also search for another file. For example: type path and hit tab for completion: Gams-mode will show you two completions for ‘path’: PATH-Solver and PATH-LP-Solver.
    You should also set the path of the PDF file
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  • More on project management with Org

    In one of my posts I talked about org-mode and how I use remember to organize my tasks, calls, etc. For every project I have such an org-file. I now added a file with all my projects for my different jobs. Here you see my projects for Ecoplan:
    The project entry in this list is linked to my org-file for that project. In Emacs you can add a link by hitting C-u C-c C-l. It asks you for the path to the file and a description. The advantage of this file is that I now have an
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