Project management

  • Todo’s from Everywhere

    I use Emacs for taking notes and project management using Remember-Mode and Org-Mode (see my blog entries Capturing and More. However, if I am working in Excel or reading a pdf , More and I want to make a note or I suddenly have a thought about a feature that I want to add to my model, I have to jump to Emacs,hit some keys, enter the note or the task and navigate back to the program I was working in.
    Not much of a hassle, but inefficient as it really interrupts my work flow too much.
    No problem,
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  • OrgMode on my iPhone: MobileOrg and Dropbox

    In one of my last year posts I wrote about using Org-Mode for organizing your projects and your notes/todo’s with links to your files. I am now using org-mode for lots of things but especially for my todo’s. Now this works fine if my notebook is up and running, but sometimes I want to have a look at those org-files without firing up my notebook. I use an iPhone and Richard Moreland developed a nice app (see that works together with dropbox (
    It has some nice features:
    • Support for Dropbox or WebDAV as
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  • More on project management with Org

    In one of my posts I talked about org-mode and how I use remember to organize my tasks, calls, etc. For every project I have such an org-file. I now added a file with all my projects for my different jobs. Here you see my projects for Ecoplan:
    The project entry in this list is linked to my org-file for that project. In Emacs you can add a link by hitting C-u C-c C-l. It asks you for the path to the file and a description. The advantage of this file is that I now have an
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  • Capturing todo’s and notes in Emacs

    Often when I work on a model or a statistic problem in Emacs I make a note that I have to correct or add something to the code whenever I have the time for it. I used to work with Outlook or with a piece of paper, but both have disadvantages. Writing on a piece of paper or with outlook disrupts my work flow and I have to write down to which part of my work the note relates. Emacs can be a great tool for keeping track of notes or todo’s and links them directly to the file you
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